Solar Empire: New look for the blog

I have decided to make some changes to the blog, as the old look was too basic, so now it resembles the space based theme I imagined. This is where all the fans and people interested in this game come to check out the details and get more information about Solar Empire. Anyone who signs up for our mailing list will get entered into a lottery for our prototype giveaway. I will pick one lucky fan, and they will get a one off, first printing prototype, there won’t be many of these decks and they maybe quite collectible one day. If you’ve come this blog for the first time, please leave me some comments on what you think of the blog layout, even if you don’t sign up for the mailing list. All your feedback is needed and welcome, I realize many people may not want to get involved until the game is released, which will be soon, but I really need some feedback on this site. My designer and I have been working tirelessly to improve the game design and graphics, I plan to use CGI artwork for the ship images and planet cards, to enhance the look and feel of the game. Hopefully we can begin our Kickstarter campaign before Christmas, we’re already approved, we just need to finish making the card designs and promotional video, any suggestions are welcome, as we want potential player feedback on all facets of this game. Your opinions are important to us, since we are a small team working hard on this game and many gamers will probably stop here to check our site out, help us make it better for everyone, thanks.

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