Solar Empire is available now on Kickstarter!

It’s been a long time coming, but its finally available, Solar Empire is now live on  I have included a link below to the website, feel free to take a look and support this game, without your support this project will not go any further.  The quality of the cards and artwork require a certain amount of funding, which is why I have used to raise capital.  I appreciate any backing, and I plan to continue the development of this game and other unreleased projects, but I need all the help I can get from the public.  Check out the new website for the game, its linked in the description of the game at the website, thanks.


link :

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Rules Released Online!

The basic rules for Solar Empire have been posted to Board Game Geek website, they can be viewed in the game information section under Solar Empire:CCG.  These rules are not the final version, they’re first edition, and will be edited.  The game release will be pushed back to after the holidays to allow further testing, and promotion.  I thank all our followers for their patience, and I will update the blog weekly to keep everyone informed of the game’s progress.

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New Rules Release Update!

Hey, I appreciate all the interest in the game, many people have mentioned they wish the game success and that is great feedback for me and my designer to hear. I intended to release the new rules today but after a review it will need another editing before public viewing. The game rules are important and I don’t want to present an incomplete game design to the community, so please have patience, they’ll be updated and posted over the weekend. I’m realizing that launching a new card game is a never ending series of improvements and delays, as details are worked out and people are gathered to participate. Any playtesters that have already signed up I haven’t forgot about you, the print and play decks and rulebook will be sent out after the final updates are finished. Anyone who wants to see the game in setup mode, can check youtube under “Solar Empire game setup”, its a brief video showing the card layout for the game startup, another video will be posted under the same heading showing combat mechanics and special effect cards usage during gameplay. I hope to have a final Kickstarter launch date set soon, as rewrites and playtests continue, I want everyone involved to feel like this project is worth the wait, thanks.



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Solar Empire Rules Release Next Week!

The complete rules for Solar Empire will be posted next week on the Board Game Geek website, with these rules players can finally understand the mechanics of the game. I will also be posting new art and card designs soon, so people can get an idea what the game will look like it its final form. All graphics posts for Solar Empire will be made on BGG game design and game art forums. The full game release will be coming directly afterwards, it will be available exclusively on First delivery of the new game decks is projected for January 2012, and a forum and website will be posted online for players to discuss the game itself and where players can purchase starter decks and expansions. Look for more news here and on BGG, as we will be updating both sites weekly with the latest information.

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Solar Empire: New look for the blog

I have decided to make some changes to the blog, as the old look was too basic, so now it resembles the space based theme I imagined. This is where all the fans and people interested in this game come to check out the details and get more information about Solar Empire. Anyone who signs up for our mailing list will get entered into a lottery for our prototype giveaway. I will pick one lucky fan, and they will get a one off, first printing prototype, there won’t be many of these decks and they maybe quite collectible one day. If you’ve come this blog for the first time, please leave me some comments on what you think of the blog layout, even if you don’t sign up for the mailing list. All your feedback is needed and welcome, I realize many people may not want to get involved until the game is released, which will be soon, but I really need some feedback on this site. My designer and I have been working tirelessly to improve the game design and graphics, I plan to use CGI artwork for the ship images and planet cards, to enhance the look and feel of the game. Hopefully we can begin our Kickstarter campaign before Christmas, we’re already approved, we just need to finish making the card designs and promotional video, any suggestions are welcome, as we want potential player feedback on all facets of this game. Your opinions are important to us, since we are a small team working hard on this game and many gamers will probably stop here to check our site out, help us make it better for everyone, thanks.

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Welcome to Solar Empire : Collectable Card Game

Hello, I have had the pleasure of creating this new card game called Solar Empire, its a fun 2 player game, and its a dueling card game like MTG, but it has a game setup that’s more like chess. Its a tactical strategy game, there are no dice or counters, each player starts with a poker sized deck of cards, 50 cards minimum. Players can buy extra decks if they like to use doubles, each starter deck has one of each card type, and these cards are balanced against the opposing player’s deck. The first two decks are United Planets and Andromeda Empire, each army has dozens of ships, unique special effects and planets for their solar system.

United Planets is basically our solar system, it represents the human race, as we have populated the nearest planets with our people and technology. The ship cards for United Planets are built for attack strength, and tactics are best used with offensive strikes in mind. The Andromeda Empire are aliens from the closest Galaxy to our own, they’re warlike and xenophobic, there’s no negotiating with these guys. Andromeda Empire forces are built for defensive strength and toughness, they’re best in defensive positions, but they have plenty of firepower as well. The game has been tested for balance and game length, and this card game will last no more than an hour, usually half an hour, depending on the players.

Players will need two decks for a game, one United Planets deck and one Andromeda Empire deck, each deck comes with all the necessary cards to wage war against another deck and player. There will be common, uncommon, rare, and ultra rare cards, and the forces will be proportional to this basic formula. The rules are easy to learn and the age range for this game is 8 years old and up, as a player only needs some math skills to play properly. The way the game is played though is more secretive, as all cards are played face down, so only the player knows what cards are in play at any one time. When two cards occupy the same space, both cards are flipped face up and remain so for the remainder of the game. Players can stack ships into “armada” groups that are stronger than a single ship, some effect cards can benefit an armada specifically, so this form of grouping is key to victory.

The game itself is in the beta stages now, as I have played for many hours with my personal friends to fine tune the rules, its quite a visually appealing game and the artwork will be tremendous. This is my first release of a game design, and I hope to offer many more ideas for fun games in the coming years. I have created this blog to get some feedback from gamers, and to introduce the general concept of Solar Empire to the public. I have worked non stop on this for several months now and it will be released soon on, so be sure to check it out, I really think this game will be as addictive for card game players as it is for board game players. The design of the game setup is such that you will make your own gameboard as new cards are played, and the card placement is critical to winning or losing this game. Two players can play, four players in two man teams can play, any multiple of two can play this game, its not designed for an odd number of players as its a deck dueling game.

New Galaxies will be introduced within the first year of production of Solar Empire, I have already begun designing the new races and they will add a great deal to the replay value. I plan on doing all the product development and printing here in the USA, as I want to support local businesses which need our collective support to survive these hard economic times. The printing will be top quality work, the rules will be provided and I will be starting the official website,, where anyone can download the rules, buy starter packs or see new information on our latest games, all games are created under First Times Square Games Inc.

If you would like more information, or to become a regular on our mailing list just leave your email with us here, and we will contact you with release dates for Solar Empire, and when new expansions are released we will feature them here first, and anyone who signs up for the mailing list will get first dibs at the new cards being released. I appreciate all the support I have received from the gaming community, I will be posting artwork from the game and creative ideas here regularly. I hope you enjoy reading about my new design, Solar Empire, and I really hope you like it enough to support our efforts to bring it to local retailers and online stores across the country, thanks.

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